illustration: tiny trailer

February 15, 2020


One of my favorite memories as a kid was when my father would take us on road trips. This was the cozy little RV (pictured) that we would travel in. We went to places like Monterey, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. The trip we made the most to, however, was Yosemite (as seen in my previous video post Yosemite – Bike & Camp).

I would sleep and stay in the nook above the drivers seat. When my father started driving, I opened up the drapes. The adventure would begin. The wonderful views of the world passed right before my eyes as I peaked through the top window. It makes me warm and fuzzy again just drawing it on paper, reminiscing about it.

Would you like to take a road trip in my tiny trailer?

Do you have a favorite memory of traveling in your youth? Let me know :)


3 Responses to “illustration: tiny trailer”

  1. nekkieslife Says:

    wow Yosemite a dream place for me I hope one day to go there …

  2. Yul Says:

    Most of my childhood trips were not so fun, unfortunately, but I liked one to Jeju island, where I looked over the Pacific ocean. I rarely saw such an expanse as I grew up because Korea has a rugged landscape and lots of buildings, so it left me a strong impression.

    • sir albertus Says:

      Im sorry to hear that Yul. Now that we are older we can make our own fun trips. Right? Jeju island sounds amazing. I guess Korea has one of the biggest cities in the world.

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