sketch: cat resting

September 10, 2014



sketch: long-haired cat

December 27, 2012


Hurricane Sandy, which they are calling the perfect storm, is approaching the New York area and my cat is not happy.

I hope to do some photography and artwork over the next few days, as it is not safe to be outside.

drawing: frankenstein

October 19, 2012

sketch: cat sleeping

December 13, 2011

My cat looks like he is floating in space.  But no, he is just sleeping like an angel on the couch.

There once was a girl with perfect black hair.
who loved her cat which would run everywhere.
Both ran in the street,
A car made a screech.
They are still together, so don’t you despair.

crafts: dog head

September 16, 2010

Inspired by my dog, a Shiba Inu, I created this dog head out of paper mache with a cartoonish style. Doesn’t she look happy?

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