I took these photos of the Space Shuttle Enterprise being piggy-backed over the Hudson, in lower Manhattan.  It is on its way to JFK airport.  Sometime in June, the shuttle will be ferried to the Intrepid aircraft carrier on the West Side.  Feel free to download as wallpaper.


sketch: painted turtle

April 26, 2012

It was so warm this early Spring, I took the canoe out several times, already, and had many a turtle sighting, giant elder ones to little coin-sized ones. They were enjoying the sun just as much as people do at the beach.

Do you think turtles are slow? Well, try approaching them while they are basking on a lake side. Blink an eye and you may miss it. Zoom! They will dive and disappear faster than you can say “turtle soup”.

I drew this turtle on an iPad, using a stylus. This kind of method creates a different feel. It will never replace the good ol’ paper and pencil.

Can you tell which of my drawings, on my blog, were done with an iPad? (Hint: those iPad drawings were done this year.)

cartoon: fish on

April 20, 2012

This is my drawing of a boy who gets a big suprise at the ocean. I call him fish head. Don’t be afraid. He won’t bite… hard.

I caught (and released) my first largemouth bass of the year. So I am celebrating with this drawing of a fish “saying hello” to a dragonfly. Just like this bass, I jumped for joy.

Welcome to Manatee Island!

May you spend this long holiday weekend relaxing with friends and family.  Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all.

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