drawing: ceolacanth

May 25, 2012

The Ceolacanth is a true river monster that existed 65 million years ago. Thought to be extinct, the fish was found in 1935 while someone was deep sea fishing near Madagascar.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be too much of a suprise to find this living fossil. After all, Madagascar is known for the strangest creatures on earth. It is like Mysterious Island, remote and far away from human contact.

I didn’t have access to a real ceolacanth to do this sketch, but I went to the next best place that has these specimens… at the Museum of Natural History (in New York City).

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend! Maybe you’ll have time to go to a museum near you.


This is my sketch showing that if you are in the right position, then you would have the advantage to catch fish. Fish get spooked very easily from predators that cast a shadow from the shoreline. They are fearful of not only humans per se, but also of birds, racoons, bears, and whatever else that can lunge from behind the cattails and have a taste for fresh sushi.

Last week, I caught a nice-sized White Perch in this manner, pictured, using a worm on a fish-finding rig.

So if you want to better your chances in fishing, just keep in mind the location of the sun in relation to you and your target.

Also, try to cast as far as you can to where the fish are because they can see you better than you can see them. The water surface serves as a giant wide angle lens, viewed from below. And so the fish can say, “Peek-a-boo, I see you.”

The 2012 French Open (aka Roland Garros) is coming. The tennis tournament is happening from May 22 to June 10.

My sketch today is inspired by Rafael Nadal, the king of clay.

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