illustration & video: the snapping turtle

December 14, 2019

snapping turtle_13x19_a_sm

Snapping Turtles are gentle creatures. Just don’t try to pet them! I had remastered my Snapping Turtle illustration for poster size 11 x 17 (on 13 x 19 paper). It is now available at my store :)

Do you want to see something odd? I had encountered a Snapping Turtle that was floating on the water surface while I was canoeing. Normally, snappers rest on the bottom of the river or lake, awaiting dinner to pass by their face. Check out my short video which I call “The Unsinkable Turtle”. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “illustration & video: the snapping turtle”

  1. Beautiful drawing, Al! I’ve seen huge snapping turtles crossing roads at Blackwater NWR in Maryland. They rule the road when that happens, I’m not getting anywhere near one! ;-)

  2. Yul Says:

    Nice illustration – I especially like the hazy, sun-washed surroundings which it seems to be enjoying. I wonder why it’s called “snapping” – it looks too cautious to snap.

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