horror movie pick: 30 days of night

October 6, 2008

Vampires in entertainment continue to be ever-popular and can be a guilty pleasure for its sexual undertones and desire for possessing such power. There are many ways to depict vampires. In “Underworld”, vampires are ultra sexy and fashion conscious, as if on a runway show. They sport high-tech James Bond-type gadgetry. As a bonus, “Underworld” has werewolves called Lichen and the captivating Kate Beckensale. In HBO’s “True Blood”, vampires are welcomed into red-neck society, for better or for worse, and the situation is comical. Coppola’s Bram Stroker’s Dracula had potential and good movie sets, but lacked suspense. Last year’s “I Am Legend” vampires are super-human monsters, but because they are computer-generated and bounce around like cartoons, the vampires are less than “believable”.

30 Days of Night, has believable sinister Vampires. Be warned, this is not your mom’s vampire movie. In the spirit of Halloween upcoming, you will be on the edge of your seat, from beginning to end, watching 30 Days of Night… in a good way, that is, if you enjoy the thrill of being scared. It is on the level of 28 Days, as far as graphic violence goes. But is 28 Days a Vampire movie? Personally, I think 28 Days is more of a zombie flick, so it belongs in a category of its own… for next time.

In “30 Days of Night”, the vampires are terrifying. They are clearly out to kill, kill, kill. They are strong, smart, sneaky, and speak their only language. You will have to read subtitles, unless you understand vampire grunting and hissing. The vampires are not glamurous hollywood vampires. They are very ugly with mishapen heads and pirhana teeth. So cuddle up with your hubby, and hope you that you will see the light of day, after experiencing this “30 Days of Night”.

Rated R for violence. Starring Josh Hartnett, Melissa George. 30 Days of Night is based on a graphic novel. The filming took place in New Zealand, giving the town its isolated feel. The costuming and FX were done at Weta Workshop, the same creative studio that brought us the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the upcoming film adaptation of the Halo game.

Turtle-tron Seal of Approval. Rating: 8/10

The following is my Vampire list…

Honorable Mention: Blade
Worst Vampire flick: Bram Stroker’s Dracula

Top 5 Vampire flicks (countdown to the best):
(5) Interview With A Vampire
(4) True Blood
(3) I Am Legend
30 Days of Night


3 Responses to “horror movie pick: 30 days of night”

  1. Dave Says:

    30 days of night really. hmmmm i dont dont know Al

  2. Dave Says:

    what about
    lost boys
    near dark
    and for comedy love at first bite. lol

  3. Dave Says:

    what about
    lost boys
    near dark
    and for comedy love at first bite. lol

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