photography: desert

February 7, 2013


green river








On my road trip through the state of Utah, I got lost in its other worldly desert landscape, not by mistake, but on purpose.


sketch: cow

March 8, 2012

I don’t get many opportunities to draw a cow, but when I saw this guy, I had to sketch it because it was unique-looking.

In the beautiful vista of Escalante, Utah, I came across a herd of cows that were roaming free, grazing along the road, and looking all cuddly, as if they knew they were a part of the view. Utah doesn’t joke when they say “Scenic Byway” on the road signs. One can go from the red rock desert to the snow covered mountains within a few hours drive. Utah is a whole other amazing world.

Even the cows look different from the cows I am accustomed to in New York state. These guys are adorned with cool hairdos, thick and curly. They just look happy in their open environment, being so free and so handsome.

cartoon: big catch

February 9, 2012

Last week, I traveled and lugged my fishing pole all the way to Moab, Utah. I biked along the Colorado River and found a nice spot to fish, and even brought special catfish bait. As I probably said before, I stink at fishing and caught nothing. Later, that day, I asked my uncle to drive me to the nearby lake, called Ken’s Lake. It is pretty body of water for being man-made with lots of submerged boulder structure, though sparse on tree cover. This time, I saw so much fish action on the water, and I eagerly casted away. Again, I caught absolutely nothing. Thanks alot Ken, whoever you are.

Ironically, today’s cartoon drawing of mine is called The Big Catch (where the fish has the last laugh).

Anyway, it was a pleasure to be in a beautiful valley setting, completely different from my East Coast stomping grounds. Moab is an amazing playground for hiking, biking, boating and other outdoor adventures. And maybe… fishing.

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