sketch: polar bear

July 25, 2013

polar bear


sketch: hunting dog

July 11, 2013

hunting dog

sketch: gorilla

June 6, 2013


sketch: antelope

May 31, 2013


Question of the day:
Do antelopes eat canteloupes?

I’m on an African theme lately. Appropriately so, because it is quite hot and humid like the Congo, right now, in the Northeast. Here is my sketch of an antelope. Canteloupe not included.

sketch: elephant

May 23, 2013


My elephant is on the way to the closest body of water it can find.

The long Memorial Day weekend is here. Time to jump into the water and have some fun!

sketch: jack rabbit

June 1, 2012

drawing: blue whale

January 7, 2011

In the ocean hall of the American Museum of Natural History, hangs a life-sized replica of the largest animal on Earth, the Blue Whale.

The is definitely the grandest still-life I had ever drawn. It was extra special to do because groups of school kids would pass behind me and comment. They were amused by my sketching of the enormous subject.

This is my first post of 2011. Happy New Year, everybody!

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