I know the big news is the Royal Wedding. Did you wake up at the crack of dawn to watch it?

In other European news, the French Open begins soon. My drawing is a player doing an overhead smash. That is the best move to counter an opponent’s lob. Smack!

sketch: tennis forehand

June 10, 2017


The French Open comes to a close this weekend. For the women, I am rooting for Simona Halep because she’s been working so hard for so long. And this is the farthest she has reached in a major. On the men’s side, I hope Nadal wins the final. He is after all the king of clay.

My sketch shows a player preparing for a forehand swing.


The players are midway through the French Open. Only 64 players remain after round 2. My drawing shows the set up stance for a two-handed backhand.

sketch: tennis serve

June 1, 2017


My sketch is of a player in action, serving the ball. The ball is thrown so high that it is out of frame. French Open tennis is happening now. Don’t miss out on the action!

sketch: the sweatband

June 5, 2014

tennis sweatband

tennis female standing

Roland Garros, aka the French Open, is happening May 25 to June 8.  This is my sketch of a tennis player. It has less action than my previous sport drawings, but it is a good exercise on a slightly elevated perspective of a figure.

The 2012 French Open (aka Roland Garros) is coming. The tennis tournament is happening from May 22 to June 10.

My sketch today is inspired by Rafael Nadal, the king of clay.

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