sunshine cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning opened in limited release on Friday.  This comedy/drama, starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, is very appropriate in these hard economic times.  Sisters (Adams and Blunt) struggle to earn a decent living despite the dark clouds that envelop them.  The situations are tense and their truthful acting is the strength of the movie.  The recurring theme of almost all of the characters is dysfunctional.  Ever look at your family and say,”OMG”?  Or, don’t we all have at least one family member who can be labeled: Odd?  It can be a bad thing… or good thing.  For those who answer yes, this movie is a must-see.  Sunshine Cleaning is one of my fave comedy/drama films in a long time.



In memory of the great Stan Winston, the special effects, costume and make-up guru of many of our childhood fave movies, we geeks salute you. He is most known for his work on Terminator, Jurassic Park and of course, Aliens. He made our hearts pump with fear and excitement, not to mention, pop out of our chests! Most recently, his team created the awesome suit for this summer’s superhero hit, Iron Man. Personally, I will remember him for his work on one of my all-time-favorite sci-fi/horrors, John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. And, I quote a friend of mine who commented on Stan’s monsters, “He has some imagination!”

comic con new york

February 26, 2007

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