Can you live in a Big Tiny House?


illustration: tiny houses

April 21, 2018


The whole concept of downsizing and having a smaller footprint on this beautiful planet intrigues a growing population of homeowners. Not to mention, a life without a 30-year mortgage sounds likes music to our ears. Right?

I made my Tiny House drawings into postcards. If you like collecting postcards or simply love tiny houses, check them out at my tiny store  at designosaurus.etsy.com.

Happy Earth Day everybody!

tiny house 4

May 27, 2017


This is the biggest of my tiny house drawings, so far. Complete with a nice deck, super high ceilings and plenty of windows for natural light!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!

tiny house 3

April 28, 2017


When it comes to tiny houses, less is more. This is the smallest of them all at 125 square feet, having a minute footprint for Earth Day and every day if you can live in one. It’s basically a shack with windows and a door. No room for a loft and no room for a toilet. Only room enough for a composting toilet in the corner. Can you handle using a composting toilet ?

drawing: tiny house

October 1, 2016


Do you like to travel to different cities and yet feel at home?  Don’t want to be stuck in mortgage debt for rest of your life? Well, Tiny Houses are becoming a popular life choice. You can customize it to fit your needs. All for only $20K to $50K!

Whoa. I’m starting to sound like a commercial announcer. I’m not, I’m just an artist.

My drawing, here, is a traditional style tiny house, complete with vinyl siding, tin roof and plenty of windows for lots of natural sunlight.

The big question is:
Can you live in 200 square feet of space?

sketch: bathroom renovation

February 21, 2013


I’m planning a bathroom renovation because it is a dated mess, from the 80’s, to be more precise. I just needed to sketch it out so that I could write down measurements, and plan accordingly.

Watching HGTV and home improvement shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. Having learned a lot from those shows, I want to do this project right.

I’ve done wood flooring and kitchen cabinets before, but I’m kind of wary of my bathroom. For example, the ventilation fan and lighting are tied together on the same dimming switch. That’s a no-no in a contractor’s world. That means breaking through drywall to get to electrical wiring. Plus, the floor creaks which means demo-ing the tile and reinforcing the sub floor. The builder who worked on my place really did a shoddy job, rushing to make a quick buck.

So before I update the bathroom, I have to fix their mistakes. Wish me luck.

Home improvement can be a never-ending project. Next to the bathrooms, modernizing the kitchen greatly improves the equity in a home. Here are a few pics, starting with the “before” state of the kitchen to the final.


The kitchen began as a antiquated boring cream-color space from the 80’s. Demolishing the kitchen, including floor linoleum removal began in September 2007. Yeah, yeah, i know, it’s a year and a half later. Call me slow (as a turtle). There is no rush. Besides, I like to plan every step, carefully.


The plywood subfloor revealed a shotty job by the condominium builders. In certain areas, there are screws scattered in a machine gun-like-pattern because the worker didn’t know where the joists were.


After I install the dishwasher, the plumbing is ready to be reconnected. Upon the first run of the dishwasher, Mac, the cat, is very curious.


I had to make sure that the cabintry was level enough for the countertop installers. The countertop is Corian brand. Corian is a step up from formica, and a step down from granite.


The countertop space is almost doubled by moving the fridge to the far end of the wall. Last weekend, we repaint the kitchen corn husk green, and the ceiling white. No more cream color.

… And There Was Tile

September 20, 2005

The entranceway is now complete. Visually, I wanted to create a non-pattern mix of cool colors, complimenting the cherry hardwood flooring. I would have added a third color or shape if it was worth the effort. It is such a small area, though. Maybe when I get my next mansion. There is, now, a place to put shoes. (It’s an asian thing.) I can rest a bit and watch fall season tv. Then, the fireplace is next… or is the bathroom?

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