video: find a fish in a barren cold lake + the hungry kingfisher

February 28, 2021

On an ominous foggy winter day, I go canoe fishing and use the Humminbird Fishing Buddy 120 to help me find a fish in a barren lake. It is hard to spot any fish in this cold water because they are all gone, dispersed or simply lethargic. Eventually, I do catch a nice fish, and its a new species for me! What do you think I catch?

By the way, remember the Kingfisher I had mentioned in my previous post? Well, I feature the sighting of that very bird, as it is scouting for food, in my video. Luckily, I have my camera and that is how I am able to draw a rendition of the little critter (when I got home later).

In a way, the Kingfisher and I compete to catch a fish. Who will win this competition? Check out my video and enjoy!


2 Responses to “video: find a fish in a barren cold lake + the hungry kingfisher”

  1. Loved the Belted Kingfisher in the video, and he did get a fish at the end. 🤗 Hmmm….his fish size to his body size, I think he won the fishing competition that day, Al! ;-)

    • sir albertus Says:

      You are so right, Donna. 🤣 The Kingfisher is truly the winner and the King! He caught a biggie. 🐟🐦 LOL! Thank you fer watchin my video. Happy birding❣️

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