drawing: the kingfisher

February 22, 2021

While I was fishing the other day, a bird, perched over the water, caught my eye. At first, I thought it was a Blue Jay because, well, it was blue, and it had a crest on its head. But then, it made a nice subtle chirping. Blue Jays actually make a loud alarming sound. So I knew this bird was different.

I continued to fish. An hour or so later, I saw the bird again. This time, the bird had a Bluegill in its mouth. The bluegill was almost as big as the bird itself! I suddenly realized that this bird is a Kingfisher!

I’ve seen nature shows that featured kingfishers and how good they are at catching their food from the water. And here it is right before my eyes. In honor of the sighting, I just had to draw the cute little bugger (when I got home).

Sorry to get so excited but I always wanted to see this amazing little bird in person. Plus, I am a birder enthusiast AND I love fishing. Birds that are made for catching fish are a win-win in my book :)

If you like Outdoor & Nature art, please feel free to check out my shop.


10 Responses to “drawing: the kingfisher”

  1. Msdedeng Says:

    I love what you have in your shop, really cool stuff.
    I have never seen a kingfisher in California. Where is this one native to? In my village of Kaabong, Uganda, the most common kingfisher is the woodland. The thing is, my village has no lakes, so I am always amazed to see it there. I guess “woodland” says it all.

    • sir albertus Says:

      Hi. The Belted Kingfisher seems to be native to most of North America, so they should be in California as well. 😀 Wow. Its fascinating that Woodland Kingfisher you speak of, can survive without lakes in Uganda. I see that the Woodland bird has a beautiful turquoise color and bright red beaks! Thanks for sharing. 👍🏻 And thank you for checking out my shop and your cool comment, Msdedeng❗️

      • Msdedeng Says:

        Yeah, it’s a pretty bird. I have seen the pygmy, the grey-headed, the pied, and the giant Kingfishers by water though. All are pretty in their own right, but the giant kingfisher was spectacular, maybe because of it’s size?
        I think bird-watching is such a pleasure, plus you are always in the outdoors!

      • sir albertus Says:

        Cool, Msdedeng, that you saw the other kinds of kingfishers 👍🏻 Thanks for your comment. Birdwatching is a fun outdoor activity❗️

  2. Lovely Belted Kingfisher, Al! They are great fishermen too, so you’ve got competition! ;-)

  3. I’ve seen these birds before, but I dont think I’ve ever been close to one.

  4. Leif Price Says:

    Beautiful artwork. Looking forward to reading some of your works and blogs about fishing.

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