sketch: yellow perch

December 12, 2020

The Yellow Perch is a fish species found in North American rivers and lakes. They are a beautiful fish adorned with orange fins and a tiger-like pattern on its body. They are a cold-water fish, so they can be enjoyed for sporting well into the winter for ice fishing. Yellow Perch are probably the best tasting freshwater fish too, especially cooked in a fish fry.

This is my sketch of a Yellow Perch in all its vivid glory. I feature my drawing in my fishing video on my channel, about panfishing with fake maggots. Check it out if you haven’t already! My video is action-packed!


10 Responses to “sketch: yellow perch”

  1. Lovely, Al! You’ll be happy to know we bought our very serious fisherman 9 yr old grandson a new rod and reel for Christmas. He’s seen them on TV and they were on his list. A KastKing Royale Select fishing rod and Royale Legend Elite baitcaster reel. I hope they are decent! He’s ready for bigger fish, lol.

    • sir albertus Says:

      Hey Donna. Thanks 😀 That is awesome to hear! I have a KastKing rod myself. I am sure your grandson will absolutely love your gift. Well done 👏🏼 Have a Happy Holiday and enjoy this snowstorm ❄️❗️

      • Thanks Al, enjoy your holidays too! Ben saw the 8′ box delivered to their house last week. They told him it was a part Pop Pop ordered for our motorhome. He’s a smart boy, I imagine he secretly knows…. ;-)

        Did you get a lot of snow? Well….we left just ahead of the snow storm and are now back in Everglades City, same place as last winter. We had canceled our family Christmas dinner/gathering, so we decided to go now instead of in January. Palm trees, warm breezes, and lots of birds. I am a happy camper again!

      • sir albertus Says:

        Im sure he knew what was in the 8 foot box. 🤣 Lol! And that he will enjoy the rod. We got 8 inches during the storm. I am jealous that you are in the warmth of Everglades, Donna. 👍🏻 Enjoy the birds❗️

      • He knew, we could tell (in our virtual video) when it was kept hidden until our son brought it out to him to open. ;-) He was a happy fisherman, the smile was as wide as it could be. :-) I love snow falls but very glad to be in the Everglades again.

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