everglades (part 3): wildlife illustration

May 23, 2020


The Florida Everglades is home to many unique fauna and flora. I created a 2-D diorama illustration, featuring nature that is native to the wetlands. The print size is 11×17 on 13×19 paper. It includes the Alligator, birds, turtles and fish. All thriving along the Mangroves.


As a bonus, there is an accompanying animal identification chart on 8 x 10 size print, naming the Everglades flora and fauna. I was inspired by seeing museum dioramas of animal life in their environment. I match them up by shape and numbers. The print is available at my shop. Check it out :)

This is the last element in the Everglades outdoor and nature series. I hope you enjoyed my videos and artwork!

By the way, can you name any of the animals in the drawing?


2 Responses to “everglades (part 3): wildlife illustration”

  1. Nice drawing, the Egrets and Ospreys come up to Canada in the summer Eh! I would love to see an Alligator.

    • sir albertus Says:

      Nice to know the ospreys go up to Canada too. 👍🏻 I guess they know where all the delicious fish are. LOL I do see egrets in my area also. Thank you Shawn❗️😁

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