illustration: blue crab underwater

April 18, 2020


I’m feeling crabbie today. Perhaps from being indoors for so long. But it gives me the chance to do drawings :)

The Blue Crab, a regional seafood delicacy, is commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. In my artwork, I depict the crab as energetic and alive, reaching out for possible food to float by in the strong currents under the sea.

My print is available online. Check it out at my store.

Happy Earth Day and Happy weekend all!


11 Responses to “illustration: blue crab underwater”

  1. nekkieslife Says:

    nice & welcome back

  2. sir albertus Says:

    Many thanks nekkieslife 😃❗️

  3. Leyla Says:

    Beautiful work!!
    Happy Earth Day too & Stay safe

  4. This is gorgeous! I do love your delicate colours… <3

  5. Awesome drawing, Al!

  6. Nice Crab Illustration!!

  7. I really like your speckled background, and the very faint blues on the crabs legs.

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