sketch: great white shark

September 8, 2019


Recently, I went to Cape Cod and I did all the awesome activities that the amazing locale has to offer, except one. And that is, swimming in the ocean. Absolutely, no swimming in the sea for me because there have been more sightings of sharks in the area. Sharks are attracted to the population boom of sea lions close to the shoreline. Delicious, fatty sea lions.

In Cape Cod, there are warning signs everywhere to beware and to swim at your own risk. There are even stop-the-bleeding kits stationed at the beaches! Sharks can easily mistake a surfer, body boarder or swimmer for a sea lion meal. If a shark bites you, they won’t go, “I’m sorry, my bad.” The ocean is their domain and who would be the one to blame if a shark and a human cross paths?

Now I am shaking just thinking about it. Anyway, I do a sketch of a Great White Shark. I guess if I want to face my fears, I have to draw it. Right?

Did you swim at the beach this summer? Without the fear of sharks swimming nearby? What animal do you fear?


8 Responses to “sketch: great white shark”

  1. Nice sketch, Al! Me, no, I don’t go in the ocean either. I still remember as a teenager the fear I got when the movie “Jaws” came out (I went to the ocean every weekend with friends), that sealed my deal of never going in the ocean again, lol. I do follow sharks now though (bet you didn’t know that!). Once a week I go to a website for the latest GPS tagged shark sightings, I got hooked on it with my oldest 8 yr old grandson, now I’m just curious. Check it out if you don’t know about it, it’ll show the tagged sharks that were around you! 😲 https://www.ocearch.org

    • sir albertus Says:

      I appeciate it and so true! Jaws is a brilliant film that brought out everybody’s fear of beach goers. The robot shark looks kinda dated now but it sure is still powerful story telling.

      That is a cool website of tagged sharks. Thanks for sharing the link, Donna!

  2. Mei-Mei Says:

    I did swim near a shark once. I was snorkeling in the Galapagos and there was a reef shark swimming around. They don’t generally bother humans, so I thought it was pretty cool rather than being scared. But I would not want to meet a Great White!

    • sir albertus Says:

      Good story Mei mei. I had a similar experience snorkling in Key West. I saw a shark below me about 20 feet deep. It seemed harmless just swimming along the bottom. I think it was a nurse shark but boy was it big!

  3. Very nice sketch! You cracked me up with “I’m sorry my bad” hahahaha

  4. Yul Says:

    I swam in the sea knowing few, if any, sharks are around that area, but I still wondered they might suddenly appear when the water was clear and empty. I would be so defenseless and be out-swum in no time. It was a strange, primordial feeling!

    • sir albertus Says:

      Hey Yul. You bring up a good point. We humans are risk-takers by nature. Perhaps its the thrill of it, like climbing K2 or sending a man to the moon. I know the odds of being bitten by a shark is like 1 in a million, but it would be a bummer to be that One 🤪 True, it is primordial 👍🏼 Thanks fer the comment, Yul!

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