drawing: apollo 13

July 27, 2019


I am a fan of anything to do with space exploration. I pay close attention to space missions such as the Space X, NASA, the Rover and Mars. So when the event that started it all, 50 years ago, arrives, I feel like a kid again, wanting to be an astronaut. Apollo 11 stories pop up on all news channels and I watch with awe.

In honor of that achievement, I draw the Apollo capsule, just before it returns to Earth. It is hard to believe that three brave souls, crammed themselves into such a small space, let alone, walked on the Moon!

If given the opportunity, would you go to the Moon or Mars? Or maybe just experience zero G’s in near orbit? These experiences actually seem more and more possible in our life time, or at least, in this century. Let me know :)


6 Responses to “drawing: apollo 13”

  1. Nice drawing! I would love to experience zero gravity but not crazy about going to another planet…lol

  2. Wow, that is one small Tin Can!! Planet Earth is blue, and there is Nothing I can do.

  3. Awesome drawing, Al! Me, no way. But my son grew up wanting to be an astronaut & go to Mars, so we as a family were into everything space. We sent him to NASA’s adult space camp in his freshman year of high school and he was hooked. He’s had a fascination with space and rocketry since he was about 10. I haven’t asked him lately if he still wants to go into space, but several years ago he still said yes. He now has a wife and kids so I’m sure it’s now a no-go, lol. He still is involved with space, flies rockets with a rocketry club in his spare time (this is a very interesting hobby! http://www.mdrocketry.org ), he has a masters in aerospace from Penn State, and now works privately on work for the Pentagon. He’s one smart cookie! (takes after his mom, hee hee)

    • sir albertus Says:

      That is fascinating, Donna πŸ‘πŸΌ You and your son truly have an affinity toward space stuff. I always love the space shuttle and tried to see the last launch in Florida but they delayed the launch due computer problems. That was a real bummer. But i did see the actual shuttle in the space museum in VA. Thanks for sharing your story πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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