illustration: tandem canoe

February 3, 2019


I am having cabin fever, so I wanted to draw something outdoorsy like this tandem canoe.

The weather will be above 50 degrees in the coming week, in the Northeast. I hope to get out on the water and do some paddling because the outside is my gym. Being active is good for the body and soul.

When possible, I like to paddle with a friend or family member like in this video with my Uncle. (He is the one who inspired me to do Winter skiing and Summer paddling).

What are you going to do when it warms up? Maybe go walk, hike or cycle? I would love to know :)


10 Responses to “illustration: tandem canoe”

  1. Sharon Mann Says:

    Wonderful drawing Albert. I hope you can get out soon in the canoe. I enjoyed the video.

  2. Awesome drawing, anything ‘boat’ is great in my book! So, as soon as it warms up enough, hopefully by end of March, we will be putting our 23′ Searay bowrider into the water at the marina to do some relaxing, fishing, and wildlife photography until we are forced to take it out late Fall! Nothing beats being on the water! 😊

    BTW, I enjoyed your video also! I chuckled out loud when your Uncle said it was because of him the fish weren’t biting, lol. Nice fish too. How cool to have a such a wonderful relationship with your Uncle!

    • sir albertus Says:

      High five on the ‘boat’ thing, Donna! I couldnt agree more. I had to look up what a Sea Ray Bowrider was. Wow. That boat of yours looks fancy and fast. I guess that is how you get those great photos of birds up close?

      Ha ha. Glad you liked that. Yeah, my Uncle is my mentor. We try to go to a different body of water to canoe every year. Thank you for checking out my video! I hope you get out there soon. But I think you are in a warmer climate than I am. LOL 😀

  3. Nice drawing, I haven’t been in a canoe in ages. lol, come to think of it, the last time I stepped into a canoe was at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa… Hmmm or was it the Museé De Biosphere in Montréal

  4. nekkieslife Says:

    love 2 paddle as well❤️

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