video: almost get skunked and squirreled

November 24, 2018

While fishing, I come across an odd sight. Did you know squirrels can swim? My video features me trying to catch a big Northern Pike, and seeing a family of cute baby skunks up close :)  Check it out and enjoy!

2 Responses to “video: almost get skunked and squirreled”

  1. Two firsts here for me! I’ve never seen a skunk family AND a squirrel swimming! Great sightings, and well done not getting sprayed!! ;-)

    • sir albertus Says:

      I am so glad you liked my sightings! The squirrel simply amazed me. And the skunks were too busy following their mommy to notice me! Thanks to smartphones, I was able to capture the moment :) Many thanks for watching my vid, Donna !!

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