sketch: titmouse

March 24, 2018


I like to observe different birds that come to the feeder. During the recent Nor’easter (the 4th snowstorm of the season), birds come in large numbers to the deck in need of rest and sustenance. Bird feeders are a lifeline for winter birds. Essentially, birds need to consume nearly half their own weight per day to make it through a cold winter day.

This is my drawing of Titmouse, one of the birds that visits me. It is a small yet handsome songbird with its pointy head crest. Titmouse is a funny name. Somebody must have been tipsy when they named the bird.


4 Responses to “sketch: titmouse”

  1. Beautiful art dear 😊😊 Such a pretty bird x x

  2. Wow, lucky you… Only 4 Snowstorms. I’m sure we had 4 here by Mid January. Its interesting what birds can fly up in bad weather. I’ve seen Titmice only a few times. We have a lot of Blue Jays, Chickadee’s Nuthatches, and Junco’s at our Bird Feeder. As well as the Odd Cardinal, and Cottontail Rabbit sitting underneath it eating the seeds.

    • blogturtle Says:

      That’s a nice variety of birds, Shawn. I got the same ones. This winter, I was lucky to have a giant red breasted woodpecker go for the suet feeder. Im jealous that you have a rabbit. I have too many annoying squirrels. Thanks for sharing your birdfeeder story :)

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