drawing: sparrow

March 10, 2018


I look forward to seeing the variety of songbirds, like Sparrows, on my bird feeders. It is a calming routine to look out the window. I make sure the feeder is full of seeds because birds are so important to our daily life. Birds keep the population of nuisant insects in check, contribute to the pollination of plants and flowers, and simply make us happy when they sing. My indoor cats enjoy watching them too.

Don’t forget this coming Sunday to set your clocks forward one hour :)


8 Responses to “drawing: sparrow”

  1. Sharon Mann Says:

    What a beautiful drawing. pose and birdy love. Thanks for the reminder about the time change.

  2. Lovely drawing; I agree, birds are awesome! :-)

  3. Nice drawing. Did you add “Forshortning to the tail and back of the bird” looks like theres a bit of perspective going on.

  4. Lovely sparrow!! Not happy to lose an hour this weekend, but sooooo ready for spring! hehe ;-)

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