drawing: tiny house

October 1, 2016


Do you like to travel to different cities and yet feel at home?  Don’t want to be stuck in mortgage debt for rest of your life? Well, Tiny Houses are becoming a popular life choice. You can customize it to fit your needs. All for only $20K to $50K!

Whoa. I’m starting to sound like a commercial announcer. I’m not, I’m just an artist.

My drawing, here, is a traditional style tiny house, complete with vinyl siding, tin roof and plenty of windows for lots of natural sunlight.

The big question is:
Can you live in 200 square feet of space?


10 Responses to “drawing: tiny house”

  1. kungfunaomi Says:

    Because I’m an artist, I would have to be stuck at home, so the answer is NO. :D
    I could do it if it came with like 80 acres of property.

  2. blogturtle Says:

    Ha ha! I hear ya, kungfunaomi. I like your thinking about big proprty. That would make it a great deal :)

  3. No, I couldn’t live in 200 square feet of space….. I could live in a small apartment, but those tiny houses are really roughing it. Most of them don’t even have proper bathrooms…. Haha I bet my art supplies and canvases would take up at least half of that space.


    I have seen this trend, and it looks so tempting, I like want to try it out, but how long can one live like this?

  5. We are building our own tiny house from start to finish all by ourselves. Super excited for this new journey!

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