illustration: crappie

May 26, 2016


Crappies are a popular North American game fish in the family of sunfish. They can be sought by recreational fishermen and women all year round, even in the winter time because crappies can be active in the cold, unlike bass which become lethargic. The meat of crappie is quite tasty and flaky for a freshwater fish.

The biggest one I caught this spring was 3 pounds at 17-inches in length which is a really good size, though they can be as heavy as 5 pounds. I did release it, so that it could grow that big, someday. I illustrated the species in celebration of my cute crappie.

The summer has begun. Happy Memorial Day all!



May 7, 2016


Nothing big today, just a doodle of a superworm. Before I have been feeding these critters to my aquatic turtles (who absolutely love them), I used to think they had a pair of legs on every body segment like a centipede. But looking closer while drawing them, I see they only have six pairs of legs. They only get to be two inches in length. Superworms are larvae that stay in this form for as long as a year and then eventually turn into a darkling beetle.

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