illustration: bluegill

January 15, 2016


If you went fishing as a child and caught your first fish, chances are, that fish was a Bluegill. They are easily caught using a worm on a hook, sinker and bobber. Bluegill are a very common fish in North America, part of the sunfish family. They prefer slow moving waters with plenty of vegetation so that they can hide from larger, quicker predatory fish, like Bass or Pike.

It was fun for me to illustrate the bluegill, because however small they may be, the fish possesses a nice spectrum of colors, much more than just blue.

Do you remember the first fish you caught?


7 Responses to “illustration: bluegill”

  1. kungfunaomi Says:

    Oh, wow, I love it!!
    The first fish I caught was… I think it was a trout, we ate it for dinner. :)

    • blogturtle Says:

      hi naomi. thank you!

      that is impressive that your first catch was trout. and that you harvested your first fish too!

      i have not caught a trout yet. in our rivers here, smallmouth bass are more prevalant. i envy you :)

      • kungfunaomi Says:

        It was easy enough, we went to my grandfather’s boss’s lake house with our entire family, and we got out all of Grandpa’s rods onto the dock and let em’ sit. :D My rod was just the winner of the arrangement.

      • blogturtle Says:

        good on you for being the lucky one :)

  2. Awesomeness!! I love this! Fantastic image and love how you handled it. I used to go fishing with my grandparents so this brings back great memories!! šŸ˜ƒ

  3. Pumpkinseed! Cousin of the Blue Gill! Thanks for the memory from the gang at The Adventures of Roz’s Lunchbox! Keep posting, please!

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