illustration: trilobite race

December 4, 2015


Trilobites were early arthropods that existed over 500 million years ago during the paleozoic era, even before the dinosaur age. They ranged in size from under an inch to as big as two feet long. Their body composed of hard-shelled body segments which we can find today in fossil form. Unfortunately, their legs and antennae were much too brittle to be preserved during fossilization.

In my watercolor painting, the trilobites are full of life, scurrying and anxious to find food among the ocean floor.


6 Responses to “illustration: trilobite race”

  1. interesting painting. I also like the dabs of paint on the background.

  2. I love these, would you believe the first time I saw them was in a rock pool formed after rain on the top of Ayers Rock, who would have thought they could have been there. Great drawing. Karen

    • blogturtle Says:

      hi karen. i had to look up ayers rock and now i know where you are talking about, the famous formation in the middle of australia. wow! that is amazing. that must mean the earth was shaped so differently and ayers was below sea level. thank you karen :)

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