illustration: carp

October 24, 2015


When you are walking along a lake and you hear fish splashing, chances are that is the sound of Carp. In fact, Carp-type fish are more prevalent than you may realize. Did you know Koi fish are part of the Carp family, and so are pet goldfish?

Carp fish forage on the bottom of the lake for algae, insects and snails. They are easily spooked by people or predators passing by on the shoreline.

In my drawing of the carp, it encounters a piece of corn. I have no idea why carp love corn. Sweet tooth maybe?


11 Responses to “illustration: carp”

  1. kungfunaomi Says:

    Sweet! :D

  2. Sharon Mann Says:

    Beautiful drawing! When I was a kid, I swam in a lake where the carp would come right up and suck on our legs. 🐡

  3. This is awesome! Such a great face on that carp! Love your illustrations!!

  4. That better not be an Asian Carp!!!

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