photo: comic con new york 2015

October 16, 2015

Sorry all. I was missing in action for a bit. But that’s because New York Comic Con happened last week and I had a lot of enjoyment walking the floor and meeting fellow geeks while putting my dSLR to good use. Here are some pics from the show. I shall return with more artwork to share soon. Enjoy!

cartoon character



kindom hearts and star wars jedi

silent hill


castle crashers


star wars rebels


10 Responses to “photo: comic con new york 2015”

  1. kungfunaomi Says:

    Aw, dude, U. R. Lucky!!! That’s awesome.

    • blogturtle Says:

      I was lucky huh. Do you get to go to stuff like that in your area?
      Thank ya Kungfunaomi!

      • kungfunaomi Says:

        No, I live in Oregon, everything that does happen in Oregon happens in Portland, which is three hours away. :) That’s why I liked to see yours.

      • blogturtle Says:

        oh i see. i always wanted to experince oregon. its on my list to do.
        im glad you liked the pics :)

      • kungfunaomi Says:

        Oregon is awesome for it’s own things. If you like rock climbing or hiking in more of a deserty setting, come down to Smith Rock in Terrebone, or one of the other cities in Central Oregon, if you like wet and cloudy and rainy, come to Sutherlin or Roseburg or Portland, and then if you like wet and rainy and cold and costal, come to Newport or Lincoln City. I love Newport, there’s so many cool things up there.

      • blogturtle Says:

        Coolness. I heard it rains, but that doesn’t bother me much. Thanks for pointing out things to see and do in Oregon, kungfunaomi.

  2. Sharon Mann Says:

    How great to see adults dressing up in costumes and having so much fun.

  3. Loving the Cyberman costume, great shot!

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