The Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) is the most common turtle in North America. They are omnivorous, eating aquatic vegetation, insects and small fish. Their preferred habitat is in slow-moving bodies of water. During the winter, they hibernate in the muddy bottom of ponds and lakes. Wild painted turtles can live as long as 50 years.

My drawing shows the painted turtle’s favorite past-time which is bathing under the warm hot sun, an important source of vitamin D, ensuring a healthy hard shell.



I’m back to drawing another RV, the fourth one in my series. This time it’s personal because my father had this very model by Chevrolet called the Mobile Traveler. The MT was modest in size but had all the necessities for road tripping – bathroom with shower, stove, fridge, a master bed that converted into a dining table, closet space and my favorite spot, a hidden bed area (above the driver). This is where I could look out the front window while dad was driving us to the next cool destination. Good memories.


I drew a male player rallying. The men’s and women’s finals are here in the second week of Wimbledon. Congrats to Gasquet for beating Wawrinka in a tight 5-set quarterfinal and making it to the final big four.


I am a happy camper because Wimbledon tennis early rounds are on.
Here’s a sketch of a player before serving the ball.

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