cartoon: ice fishing

February 26, 2015

ice fishing

To get through this long cold winter, I took up an activity that I thought would be fun. This doodle pretty much sums up my experience so far.

illustration: bon voyage

February 20, 2015

hot air balloon

Here is my illustration for someone who is retiring and moving to New Mexico. I’m sure she will enjoy being away from the frigid cold of the Northeast which is currently being hit by an arctic blast. (Blame Canada?) Anyway, Happy Retirement and Bon Voyage, Olga!

sketch: cat instructions

February 13, 2015


I drew up a diagram for the cat sitter while I was away for the weekend. Perhaps, I made it more confusing than helpful. Still, my cats made it through fine. They hardly knew I was gone.

drawing: wine barrels

February 5, 2015


Do you know where wine comes from? From wine barrels. Only kidding. It’s more complex than that. What I do know is doing pen and ink drawings are a barrel of fun.

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