drawing: everglades wildlife

May 3, 2013

everglades wildlife

I spent some time in the Florida, documenting various wildlife with photography and drawing. I was most anxious to see an alligator in the flesh… err, in the scales, rather. It would have been a shame to go all the way to Florida and not see gators. Well, the Everglades has an abundance of these smiling massive reptiles, basking in the sun. They are practically posing for you.

Still, alligators are not the only exotic animals to see. Visitors from everywhere come here to experience world-class bird watching. I come here more to fish watch and reptile watch. My next priority after seeing gators was to spot turtles. Again, this National Park did not disappoint. I saw dinosaur-sized turtles.

Here is my sketch (a work in progress) which is a snapshot of an Everglades scene. It includes mangroves, a soft-shelled turtle and of course, a gator. The proximity of this many animals in one area is really not unheard of, in the Glades.


6 Responses to “drawing: everglades wildlife”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love the point-of-view!! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. kestrelart Says:

    Interesting piece. Still, i would really like to see the original field sketches. Chances are they will be simpler and less perfect but full of energy.

    • blogturtle Says:

      thanks for comment. true, my animals are not lively.

      • kestrelart Says:

        Hey – I wasn’t criticising your posted pieces. But I noticed that you had photos of the everglades and guessed you might have sketched too and, if anything like me, became disappointed and so have not shown them. What I have learned is that people, other people and certainly me, really enjoy the rougher sketches from life for all their faults. So if you did sketch as well as take photos, they might be worth looking at again.
        There are lots of assumptions in this comment, and if they are all wrong, just ignore me. I like your drawings and finished pieces by the way.

      • blogturtle Says:

        thanks for the followup, kestrelart. i first learned what a kestrel was when i tried out a kayak by wilderness systems called a kestrel, then i saw them in person in florida. beautiful birds they are. and you capture them in your art with a nice free flowing lines. i have been trying to be more loose in my life drawings and your style inspires me.

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