watercolour: maine lighthouse

February 28, 2013

maine lighthouse


sketch: bathroom renovation

February 21, 2013


I’m planning a bathroom renovation because it is a dated mess, from the 80’s, to be more precise. I just needed to sketch it out so that I could write down measurements, and plan accordingly.

Watching HGTV and home improvement shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. Having learned a lot from those shows, I want to do this project right.

I’ve done wood flooring and kitchen cabinets before, but I’m kind of wary of my bathroom. For example, the ventilation fan and lighting are tied together on the same dimming switch. That’s a no-no in a contractor’s world. That means breaking through drywall to get to electrical wiring. Plus, the floor creaks which means demo-ing the tile and reinforcing the sub floor. The builder who worked on my place really did a shoddy job, rushing to make a quick buck.

So before I update the bathroom, I have to fix their mistakes. Wish me luck.

sketch: mammoth

February 14, 2013


I did a sketch of a Woolly Mammoth.

What does a Mammoth have to do with Valentines Day?
Absolutely nothing.

photography: desert

February 7, 2013


green river








On my road trip through the state of Utah, I got lost in its other worldly desert landscape, not by mistake, but on purpose.

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