illustration: classic schwinn bicycle (v3)

January 3, 2013


This is a new version of my watercolour painting of an antique 1970’s Schwinn bicycle.

As a perfectionist, I keep tinkering with the details of the illustration.  This time, I’m happy with the final reworking… for now.


4 Responses to “illustration: classic schwinn bicycle (v3)”

  1. masqua Says:

    Loved the design of old bikes and thanks for posting. It reminded me of a Canadian artist, Greg Curnoe, who I have had the pleasure of meeting in unlikely places in London, Ontario, during the late 60’s. Greg is now deceased, unfortunately, and was killed riding his bicycle on a country road. Here is a site i think you’ll enjoy:


    • blogturtle Says:

      its sad to hear that he passed while riding.
      masqua, thanks for sharing the article on curnoe.

      the bike modeled after his painting is almost too beautiful to ride.

  2. Lucky Wreck Says:

    Absolutely LOVE your work!

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