I had the honor to do an illustration for a wedding. The couple knew they wanted to hand out a deck of playing cards as a keepsake for their family and friends. So, I did the artwork that would appear on the back of the cards. After some brainstorming, the ‘superhero’ theme seemed to describe their characters, perfectly, because the two of them are adventurous and they have a quirky sense of humour.

Is it a suprise that their bulldog stole the show?

Congratulations, Francis and Tommy!


sketch: golf swing

July 19, 2012

In the sport of golf, it takes skill to thrust the ball at the right trajectory to reach the region of the next hole, in the meantime, avoid obstacles such as trees, bodies of water and bunkers.

The model reference I use looks like a young boy in my rough sketches. Although, it is actually inspired by Na Yeon Choi, a compact, yet powerful South Korean female. Choi recently won the US Women’s Open in Kohler, Wisconsin.

In this exercise, I do three sequential sketches as a study in figural motion of the player’s swing – from the backswing, to the point of contact, to the follow through. Hopefully, the three frames together, as a set, would achieve an animated effect.

This is my drawing of a lighthouse on Nauset Beach in Cape Cod. The lighthouse is still operating, guiding ships that pass in the Atlantic Ocean.

Somebody does live in that house. Probably the luckiest person in the world, in my book, to have such a wonderful oceanside view and to have an awesome lighthouse on their front yard.

photography: summer

July 6, 2012

I took a bunch of photos in Cape Cod. These are some that make great desktop wallpaper. No HDR effect required. Just pure natural beauty.

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