sketch: cow

March 8, 2012

I don’t get many opportunities to draw a cow, but when I saw this guy, I had to sketch it because it was unique-looking.

In the beautiful vista of Escalante, Utah, I came across a herd of cows that were roaming free, grazing along the road, and looking all cuddly, as if they knew they were a part of the view. Utah doesn’t joke when they say “Scenic Byway” on the road signs. One can go from the red rock desert to the snow covered mountains within a few hours drive. Utah is a whole other amazing world.

Even the cows look different from the cows I am accustomed to in New York state. These guys are adorned with cool hairdos, thick and curly. They just look happy in their open environment, being so free and so handsome.


2 Responses to “sketch: cow”

  1. Sam Says:

    cows are my favorite animal! awesome sketch.

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