cartoon: big catch

February 9, 2012

Last week, I traveled and lugged my fishing pole all the way to Moab, Utah. I biked along the Colorado River and found a nice spot to fish, and even brought special catfish bait. As I probably said before, I stink at fishing and caught nothing. Later, that day, I asked my uncle to drive me to the nearby lake, called Ken’s Lake. It is pretty body of water for being man-made with lots of submerged boulder structure, though sparse on tree cover. This time, I saw so much fish action on the water, and I eagerly casted away. Again, I caught absolutely nothing. Thanks alot Ken, whoever you are.

Ironically, today’s cartoon drawing of mine is called The Big Catch (where the fish has the last laugh).

Anyway, it was a pleasure to be in a beautiful valley setting, completely different from my East Coast stomping grounds. Moab is an amazing playground for hiking, biking, boating and other outdoor adventures. And maybe… fishing.


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