8-Bit Fish

November 3, 2011

This was a good year of fishing for me, and the game fish I caught the most was the Largemouth Bass. They are fighters when they are on the hook. I found that Largemouth are voracious eaters and are eager to take big bait, practically half their own size. I’ve been wanting to capture them in my art, as well, so continuing on the 8-bit theme, here is a trophy for my blog.

7 Responses to “8-Bit Fish”

  1. mrzuber30 Says:

    nice pic and site :)

  2. Jason Says:

    Hey blogturtle,

    I am creating a fishing site and your 8 bit largemouth would fit the theme perfectly. I was going to try to create one myself, but was wondering if you would possibly be ok with me using your design. I would use it as the main pic for the site and also for the favicon image in the http address bar. Please email me or let me know if you would be willing. Thanks!


    • blogturtle Says:

      hi jason.

      you can use my fish illustration. if you do use it on your website, please credit my name, linking to my blog site.

      i am a casual fisherman myself, and can appreciate your passion in the activity.

      thanks for your question!
      al lau

  3. Jason Says:

    Hey Al,

    I’ve got the site up an running if you want to check it out.




  4. oscarsouth Says:

    Hello, I’ve used your image as a static background for a joke composition which I posted on youtube:

    I hope you are ok with this (I’ve added a link to your blog in the description). Let me know if not and I’ll remove it.


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