painting: cicada

June 24, 2010

On the same theme as my last post, here is another creepy crawler insect, the cicada. With July approaching, summertime is when we hear the droning of these critters in the trees. That is because cicadas are eagerly seeking for a mate, after having spent 17 years underground. They may be big in size and overwhelming in numbers, but don’t worry. Cicadas are harmless.


sketch: earthworm

June 10, 2010

Although, not normally a subject I would draw, earthworms have become curious creatures to me. I’ve been collecting worms for fishing and composting. They seem like creepy bottom-dwellers, but without worms, the soil would not be fertile for vegetation.

I’ve been seeing a lot of old bikes while walking around downtown NYC. Here’s a rough sketch of a classic Schwinn bicycle, with a handlebar basket. It was sad and lonely, chained to a post. I did not include the chain or post in this drawing.

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