illustration: angler fish

April 22, 2010

Based on a real creature from the deepest realm of the sea, this illustration is of an angler fish, and an unsuspecting little guy.

Happy Earth Day, by the way. Let’s do something to help our environment, such as recycle our disposables properly, or bike to our destinations more. Continue good habits every day! Do environmentally sound things so that all creatures, great and small, can live on as naturally as possible.

Have you done something for Earth today?

2 Responses to “illustration: angler fish”

  1. Great shapes, great expressions on the fishes faces. What media/techniques did you use?


    • blogturtle Says:

      thank you! it started out as a sketch, turned into a pen and ink drawing. then i added color with the computer. the lighting was the final fun part. one can only imagine being in a pitch black world, equipped with only a candle.

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