Watercolor of an antique high wheel bicycle.  Circa 1885.  The print is for sale at my shop.



A dog portrait I did in oil paint.

sketch: cat on the box

August 20, 2009


Why do cats love laying on boxes and luggage?  This time, she is on my paint box.


This classic bike is in my basement.  Unfortunately, it was crippled after an incident.  It was perched on top of my roof rack.  Driving and turning a corner, the sheer heavy weight and centrifugal force made the bike bend at the fork and sideways.  The bike, after all, is a tank, due to its iron-like build.  Although damaged, it will return after some fixing.  I wanted to honor the Schwinn by drawing it in all of its glory.

Talking about biking, if you’re in New York City, take advantage of Summer Streets.  On three consecutive Saturdays (August 8, 15 and 22), Park Avenue and Lafayette Street is car-free traffic for cyclists and pedestrians.  The time block is 7am to 1pm.  The route is between 72nd to City Hall.  For more information, check out nyc.gov.

sketch: prehistoric shark

August 17, 2009


The Dunkleosteus, a prehistoric shark, lived in the Late Devonian period, 380-360 million years ago.  It grew to as big as 33 feet in length.

cartoon: no signal

August 7, 2009



My pen and ink drawing of sea life found in the Devonian period, 416 to 359 million years ago, during the Paleozoic era.   A print of this is for sale at my shop.

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