music: space vampire

May 4, 2009


My new song, Space Vampire is available for your listening pleasure on Indaba Music.  For music equipment, I used an old Yamaha as a MIDI keyboard controller, a Roland MV-30 sound board/sequencer (which uses floppy disks), my MacBook Pro and lots of wires scattered across the living room.  The composition is entered for the PBS Music Instinct contest.  I submitted it just in time, on the afternoon of the deadline.  Part of the fun is seeing how different each musician interprets the material.

The following sound effects were used (provided for download by PBS):
– yes and no
– car starting
– cheerleaders
– thunder with heavy rain
– train crossing bell
– ferry boat horns
– wind chimes
– pile crusher
– swarm of flies
– rumble low frequency

Update: I know it’s not going to win.  I guess I should be glad that it is in the top 50.

Update 2: Oh cool.  I did better than I thought.  30th place.

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