home improvement: the kitchen

April 14, 2009

Home improvement can be a never-ending project. Next to the bathrooms, modernizing the kitchen greatly improves the equity in a home. Here are a few pics, starting with the “before” state of the kitchen to the final.


The kitchen began as a antiquated boring cream-color space from the 80’s. Demolishing the kitchen, including floor linoleum removal began in September 2007. Yeah, yeah, i know, it’s a year and a half later. Call me slow (as a turtle). There is no rush. Besides, I like to plan every step, carefully.


The plywood subfloor revealed a shotty job by the condominium builders. In certain areas, there are screws scattered in a machine gun-like-pattern because the worker didn’t know where the joists were.


After I install the dishwasher, the plumbing is ready to be reconnected. Upon the first run of the dishwasher, Mac, the cat, is very curious.


I had to make sure that the cabintry was level enough for the countertop installers. The countertop is Corian brand. Corian is a step up from formica, and a step down from granite.


The countertop space is almost doubled by moving the fridge to the far end of the wall. Last weekend, we repaint the kitchen corn husk green, and the ceiling white. No more cream color.


5 Responses to “home improvement: the kitchen”

  1. Is that the color Maui from Corian?

  2. dave Says:

    wow Al.
    your kitchen looks great. I can’t wait when i come over and you can cook me one of your great meals.


    couldnt find the video on here that you were talking about.

    • blogturtle Says:

      hey dave!

      thanks man. i know you remember how bad the kitchen used to look like. just come on by and i make you da best meals. like sheperds pie. i learned how to make this over the winter.

      just scroll down to april 2nd and view the posting of “video: major tom lifts off again”. if you like the song, follow the link and download the mp3 for free. i don’t know how long Lincoln will keep the song available on their site.

      oh, yeah and i still have to check out the new depeche song you told me about. i will do that now.

  3. So True!!
    Home improvement can be a never-ending project.

    Anyways Beautiful looking pics.

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