cartoon: earth day

April 22, 2009


still chilly

April 21, 2009

Although the trees are starting to bloom, there’s still a chill in the air.  The cats roll up like sow bugs to keep warm.



The NY Auto Show is so much more pleasurable on a weekday, than a weekend. I went on a Tuesday. It gave me the chance to try out an all-terrain vehicle simulator with virtually no waiting time. And the freedom to run around like a kid in a candy store.

I did a quick sketch (below) of the convertible Aston Martin. Shaken, not stirred.

Tip: When ordering online, use your AAA membership for a $2 off of admission to the NY International Auto Show at Jacob Javits. Code: aaa

Below includes pics of the new 2010 3rd generation Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Camaro, a purple Mustang and, of course, the adorable Mini Cooper.

One of the ways I judge which is a good car, is by how many (if any) cupholders it has.  The Mini Cooper has two easily accessible cupholders.  Sadly, the Prius only has one cupholder in the front.

Home improvement can be a never-ending project. Next to the bathrooms, modernizing the kitchen greatly improves the equity in a home. Here are a few pics, starting with the “before” state of the kitchen to the final.


The kitchen began as a antiquated boring cream-color space from the 80’s. Demolishing the kitchen, including floor linoleum removal began in September 2007. Yeah, yeah, i know, it’s a year and a half later. Call me slow (as a turtle). There is no rush. Besides, I like to plan every step, carefully.


The plywood subfloor revealed a shotty job by the condominium builders. In certain areas, there are screws scattered in a machine gun-like-pattern because the worker didn’t know where the joists were.


After I install the dishwasher, the plumbing is ready to be reconnected. Upon the first run of the dishwasher, Mac, the cat, is very curious.


I had to make sure that the cabintry was level enough for the countertop installers. The countertop is Corian brand. Corian is a step up from formica, and a step down from granite.


The countertop space is almost doubled by moving the fridge to the far end of the wall. Last weekend, we repaint the kitchen corn husk green, and the ceiling white. No more cream color.

Cartoon sketches of dogs interacting with an object. In this case… luggage.

Peter Schilling’s song “Major Tom (Coming Home)” was hot back then, and it is still hot now. His song is covered by Shiny Toy Guns in the latest Lincoln commercial.

Update: The full song is now available as a free mp3 download on the Lincoln website.  Thanks Lincoln!

Update #2: It’s no longer available for free.  Oh well.  But now, you can purchase it on iTunes.

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