iphone 3.0

March 18, 2009


Yes, folks. The Cupertino-based company sent ripples across the world, again this morning, with its announcements for the iPhone 3.0 OS.  The goodies in this puppy are not minor. A much awaited feature is the ability to cut-and-paste.  Here it is! Yay! And you will be able to do so between different applications. For example, you can copy a paragraph from a recipe website, paste it into an email and send it off to friends.  One missing feature I personally complained about (by contacting Apple, so they actually listened to lil’ ol’ me?) is to have a landscape-oriented, larger keyboard.  The current keyboard in the vertical position is very small, even for average-sized hands, allowing for too many mistakes when typing. Other notable announcements, are the Voice Memo recorder app, a more detailed Stock app, and the ability to send multimedia files, such as video and audio, through email and texting.

Oh, and one more thing… Spotlight, which can search through all of your files (from contacts to music) by name.  Shuh-weet.  Judging by last years developer’s announcement and release of 2.0, this new iPhone update should be out by early July.

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