road trip: california

March 6, 2009

These photos are from my San Diego to San Francisco road trip, Oct 29 – Nov 10. Sorry for the delay, but now with new blog, I can go into the hard drive archives and share more goodies.

6 Responses to “road trip: california”

  1. Deb Says:

    You came and didn’t stop by to see us? I see you visited our other fam. :) Next time, I will make you dinner.

    • blogturtle Says:

      debs! sorry i missed ya in cali. im also sad i missed you at your craft show in ny. o well. still, it was cool to see your booth and the gang.

      would love to try your cooking, someday :)

  2. Kimball Says:

    Hi Cuz,

    Nice new site. I like the look and feel. No slideshow capability?

    I went to the CC in Union Sq before they closed. Picked up a Wii game, that was it. I can’t see how ppl can pick up a big ticket item.

    • blogturtle Says:

      hey there! thanks for the comment. sorry, no slideshow ability on the blog. (but on my main site, yes) i kinda overdid this entry with the pics. tru, getting a big ticket item, like a plasma tv, is risky without the warranty. for some, the price cut is worth the gamble.

      hows queens?

  3. caroline Says:

    hi cuz,
    email me – did i tell you we are expecting baby number 2 in the fall?

    Love ya. C, D and N

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