steph has been going to work at 5:30am, including saturdays, because of two movie projects going on. i am entering a music remix contest for Leo Laporte, my hero, The Tech Guy podcast theme. only have one week to do this. gladly, it will only be a one minute song. i am using garageband, and learning more about the software as i am composing riffs and beats for the remix. it is actually a intuitive program for being included with the Mac OS. look in circuit city for Nintendo Wii. still no wii’s. salesperson tells me they got a shipment of 50 units on monday morning and they were sold out in an hour. dam. get new acorn blue plush slippers 40% off in ramsey outdoor store. almost get 2008 nj fishing license, but they require $31 in cash, including a trout sticker. browse in paramus park mall for pants. no pants found in abercrombie & fitch where i normally get them. find $12. 99 pants on sale in aeropostale. eat three chocolate chip cookies from meredith’s bakery (farmers mkt @ bowling green). i shop for new backpack at campmor. back home. i clear the dining table to use it as a area i can put my desktop computer. the original mac 60 GB hard drive which is from 2001 is very noisy, so i know it is about to die. (originally thought it was the fan making that noise, but a test proved negative.) had ordered a 160 GB seagate hard drive from amazon.com for only $68, which really a great deal. the cost for high capacity drives are so affordable now. open the desktop trapdoor, temporarily remove the secondary internal hd to transfer all important files to the new hd. not quite as easy as swapping firewire or usb cables.

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