everything on sale

September 16, 2007

We are missing a main ingredient to have a garage sale. Well, I do have a garage, but not a house. Steph found a white elephant sale happening at a library several towns away. Just drive up the car to an open space in the parking lot. Then, open the trunk. And sell, sell, sell!


When I was walking my dog, Pumpkin, in a local park, a rather large insect caught my eyes. It was stuck on its back in the sand of a baseball field. Its six (or was it eight?) legs were flailing in the air. I was nervous to touch it, but then I realized it was just a beetle. A very big beetle. It looked exotic to me. Kind of like a Rhinoceros beetle. I didn’t know that Jersey has big bugs like this. So I took it home to observe it. Looking it up, I found out that it is a Stag beetle, and they like to eat wood. I put a piece of wood next to it, and sure enough it eats wood. Steph and I release the beetle the next day in a “real” park – one with lots of woods.

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