my iPhone: update

July 13, 2007

Sadly, I returned my iPhone today – two weeks later, within the two-week return limit. The cons out-weighed the pros. But I promise, iPhone, I will come back to you in future generations, if it is the last thing I do!

Here is how I broke it down :

– the finger navigation technology.
this is cooler than any james bond gadget!
– the amazing display is a pleasure to view video and photos, in landscape!
50″ LCD TV? fugettaboutit!
– perfect size.
not too small, not too big, just right, said baby bear.
– google maps and you tube.
while walking the dog. coolness!
– the caculator, the calendar and the alarm.
oh dammit, all of the apps rock on this phone!
– it is finally fun to use a mobile phone !
when you throw out your old phone, please take it to recycle bin at best buy

– battery is not replaceable, needs to be sent to apple for service.
hey, apple, do you have to corner the battery market as well?
– does not support flash viewed in the browser.
wow, youtube has alot of work to do
– mini-jack is inset, making most standard headphones uncompatible.
oy, another accessory to buy
– when texting, it is too easy to make mis-types with the small keyboard.
LOOLOO, uh, i mean LOL
– the most affordable AT&T plan starts at $60/month.
can’t decide which is more important to spend on, this subscription, or HD cable
– camera is only 2MP.
well i guess it isn’t called the iCamera
– cannot use your own custom ringtones.
aw, no star wars ringtone fo me
– syncing with iTunes is the only way to manage your videos, photos and music.
what! no drag and drop?
– the price of $500 for 4GB or $600 for 8GB.
i need a second job
– as beautiful as the screen is, finger prints
oh no! is my skin too oily? give me some soap!


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