More Heroes for NBC

May 16, 2007

NBC is hurting bad, being in fourth place, amongst the network battle for television viewership. Besides the guaranteed hit of the Law & Order franchise (going on 18 seasons which I realize is one more year than the Simpsons!), there is only one winner this past season that swooped in and came to the rescue – the comic-book-style inspired series, Heroes. NBC is having trouble with the comedy genre ever since the success of Seinfeld and Friends, so now they are announcing more fantasy/supernatural-themed shows instead for next season. “The Bionic Woman” is being updated for our times. “Journeyman” is a news reporter that travels through time. “Chuck” is about a computer geek who somehow downloads secret government information into his brain. Personally, I very happy to see that being a geek is the new cool. NBC is turning into the Sci-Fi channel, which, incidentally, NBC Universal owns.


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