Gandalf Goes Corporate

April 24, 2007

Remember Midway ? They are the gaming company that began with pinball machines. They brought us the Defender and Robotron in the 80’s. And in the 90’s, there was the then bloodiest game called Mortal Combat, including spine breaking action … literally. Well, now they bring us Lord of the Rings Online. Midway is struggling in the ever-competitive market of videogaming. Look at Atari which was bought by other companies over the years. (Going… going…?) And if that wasn’t enough, LOTRO is going head-to-head with the leading MMORPG, World of Warcraft. This morning, Midway rang the opening bell to the New York Stock Exchange, along with some friends from the series. What happened to Gandalf the White ? Oh, Sam, Gandalf has gone Corporate.


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